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The LLC “KomAR” works at the market of fiberglass rebar since 2010.

Are the full member of Association of the Organizations for Production, Use of Composite Rebar and products (OPPNKA) from it "The nonmetallic composite rebar" (NKA).

Professionals of the company saved up wide scientific and practical experience. Own technological decisions in production of composite rebar are developed.

In 2014 the park of the machine equipment was almost completely updated.

At the moment all production passed certification on compliance to GOST and TOR.


In more detail about scientific and technical development

Производство ООО «КомАР»
Производство ООО «КомАР»
Производство ООО «КомАР»
Производство ООО «КомАР»
Производство ООО «КомАР»
Производство ООО «КомАР»

Specialists of the “KomAR” company developed the unique production technology of the composite polymeric rebar surpassing the best domestic and foreign samples in the characteristics.

This technology combines elements as pultrusion, and niddletrusion, having incorporated the best parties inherent in each of these methods.


Production is carried out on the modern equipment made on the individual project. The realized technical solutions and an automatic control system of technological process guarantee stability and reproducibility of quality indicators of finished goods.


Recently along with traditional steel rebar in construction all use the fiberglass polymeric (ASK) rebar manufactured of glass fibers and polymeric binding on the basis of epoxy more widely and blamed - ether resins.




Researches and development




At the basis of rebar of the “KomAR” the fiber glass processed by unique structure of the oil agent possessing high affinity to functional groups of epoxies. Interaction of fiber glass and the epoxy binding happens by formation of a chemical bond on limit of the section of phases, and it in turn provides full impregnability and as a result the best physical and chemical and strength characteristics (see the PHOTO 1, 2).



The main advantage of rebar of the “KomAR” is concluded that the impregnating structure and fiber glass are nanostructurized in it. Multicomponent nanostructures are entered into structure of components binding and fiber glasses at a stage of their production.

Such processings are result dense structure of rebar (see the PHOTO 3, 4), a relief, inseparable from a core, a high share of the reinforcing filler (the content of fiber glass in rebar more than 85% of masses. at analogs of 75% of masses.), the best physical and chemical and strength characteristics.

In Russia and abroad, at the moment, modification of this sort isn't carried out more by any of producers of composite polymeric rebar.


The rebar of the “KomAR” brand correspond to GOST 31938-2012, that is confirmed with the tests which are carried out to JSC Research Center “Stroitelstvo” of NIIZhB named after A.A. Gvozdev, Moscow.

In the test center of "Arab Center for Engineering Studies (ACES)" UAE, Abu Dhabi, the rebar of the “KomAR” brand passed tests for compliance to the European (British) Bsi standards.



Recently along with traditional reinforced steel in construction all use the FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) rebar manufactured of glass fibers and polymeric binding on the basis of epoxy more widely and blamed - ether resins.


Reinforcing cores make or method of a pultrusion – a broach of the glass roving impregnated liquid binding, through the die of round section with a simultaneous winding of the created core on a spiral a thin plait, or by a niddletrusion method –  at which formation of a round core from the impregnated locks of a roving collected in a bunch is carried out by a screw winding its two same locks at a continuous broach of a core with the set speed.


FRP rebar on structure and properties belongs to the fibrous high-focused polymeric composite materials, high durability on which stretching is caused by durability of the focused fibers inorganic in parallel which aren't movably connected in a monolith by a polymeric matrix. High adhesion and some plasticity of the last provides unsurpassed indicators of their collaboration under loading. Thanks to high durability on stretching (more than by 3 times of the reinforced steel surpassing durability), chemical firmness (FRP rebar doesn't demand protection against corrosion), rather low density (density of reinforced steel are more than 3 times lower), low heat conductivity, low labor input in use of FRP rebar actively takes root into the domestic and foreign construction markets.

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