Force of nanotechnologies 

 against corrosive medium 

KomAR isn’t afraid of water

Thanks to nanotechnologies density of composite rebar KomAR™ exceeds all existing analogs of composite rebar in the domestic and foreign market.

The rebar KomAR™ aren't exposed to corrosive attack of water and in the majority of corrosive medium, including in the alkaline medium of concrete.

Tests showed...


High quality of fiberglass rebar KomAR™ - it is your benefit!


High-strength composite fiberglass rebar of the KomAR - result of long-term scientific researches and tests.

Every year in the market of construction materials there are new products and materials capable to change understanding about standard construction.
Composite fiberglass rebar of the KomAR just such material. Production under KomAR brand is a product of modern nanotechnologies which are applied in aerospace and military-industrial branches. Our composite rebar are manufactured on the hi-tech equipment of alkaliproof fiber glass with addition of the nanomodifier in the polymeric binding. This factor guarantees high quality of rebar of the KomAR .
Why quality can be trusted the "KomAR"?
We use only high quality raw materials and the hi-tech equipment of own production

There are 4 important components of our quality.


1. It is a basis (85% of mass of rebar) - fiber glass (fiberglass roving) of production of P-D Tatneft Alabuga-Steklovolokno. It is made of boron silicate of aluminium glass (E-glass) which surpasses any other brands of glass at the expense of the special compounding developed by the Russian and German chemists with the contents to 0,5% of ZrO ₂ and to 6% of B2O₃ (boric anhydride). This material determines the long term of operation of rebar, including in corrosive alkaline medium within 100 years and more.



2. Fiber glasses in rebar are fastened among themselves with a compound.

We use components of a compound of Specialty Chemicals Inc. (Resolution Epikote) - high-quality materials from the global leader in the field of industrial chemistry and thermoreactive pitches. 



3. The most important element is the patented additive activator “KomAR” many times increases adhesion of components, forming the monolithic product which is densely connected at the molecular level. The activator in combination with the increased percent of the content of fiber glass (85% of weight) forms a reinforcing rod of the hung-up durability and quality. 



4. The declared quality of composite rebar KomAR™ is proved by tests at the Research, design and technological institute of concrete and reinforced concrete named after A.A. Gvozdev (NIIZhB institute (Russia)), the engineering center ACES (United Arab Emirates), the EXCITON TEST laboratory (Russia). There is all certified documentation.

WHOLESALE composite rebar
Delivery is carried out
in any region of RUSSIA and EAC

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