Nanomodified superplasticizer for concrete on a basis of lignosulphonateа

Lignosulphonate is a natural water-soluble sulpho derivative of lignin, which turn out at a sulphitic way delignification of wood. It represents a sodium salt of lignosulphonic acid with impurity of the reducing and mineral substances. First of all technical application of a lignosulphonate is caused by its high superficial activity, that allows to use it in various industries.

Lignosulphonate is known as the plasticizing additive in concrete long ago. However, its application was limited to an essential shortcoming until recently: capture of air and decrease in durability of concrete.
Due to innovation application of nanocomposites, the company KomAR developed and introduced qualitatively new product on the basis of a lignosulphonate - super plasticizer Componoplast.

Superplasticizer Componoplast is the plasticizing water reducing additive to concrete and solution mixes, intended for producing of concrete and reinforced concrete products and designs for industrial and civil engineering in according to Set of rules 28.13330, Construction Rules and Regulations 2.03.11, GOST 31384 and GOST 24211.

Application of superplasticizer Componoplast gives the following advantages:

-  The amount of the applied cement is significantly reduced (to 20%);


- Concrete durability due to the making active and dispersing properties increases;

- The concrete mark on frost resistance and water tightness raises;


- Mobility of concrete mix without decrease in durability of concrete increases;

- Concrete density increases;

- Viability of concrete mix remains;

That is important, possessing a full cycle of production, we managed to establish the optimum prices of a product.


Production is made according to TOR 5745-002-24488682-2014.


- plastic bags, weighing no more than 20-25 kg which are shipped in carriages, containers and the motor transport.


Cost of superplasticizer Componoplast, on conditions FOB St.-Petersburg is 1200$ for 1 ton.

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